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Director of Parish Services (Children and Family Ministry) at Faith Lutheran Church in Surrey.



As a part time worker, the Director of Parish Services will be involved in the area of children’s ministry, including Sowing Seeds Preschool and Sunday school ministry.



Commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and to the work of His kingdom, to the Lutheran Confessions as per the Constitution, and to a strong personal devotional life.
A willingness to work in team ministry with the Senior Pastor, congregational leadership and members of the congregation.
Ability to connect meaningfully, personally and spiritually with children and families.
Ability to communicate effectively in person and in writing with individuals and groups.
Commitment to Faith’s Mission Statement of being "…Empowered by the Holy Spirit, to share with everyone the love and forgiveness of God through Jesus Christ…".



This position is directly accountable to the Senior Pastor, and ultimately to the Voters.

This Job Description shall be reviewed annually by the Senior Pastor.

Attendance at Voters' meetings, the Ministry Leadership Team, and making appropriate reports to these groups is required.

Areas of Responsibility
Children’s and Family Ministry

The Director of Parish Services shall be responsible for the children’s ministry and as such, shall do or delegate tasks, from among the following:

Develop and oversee ministry focused on younger families and their children
Develop programs and activities that meet the needs of younger families, including such things as Bible studies, small groups, parenting workshops, retreats, etc.
Work with the Ministry Leadership Team to prepare a budget for children’s and family ministry.


Sowing Seeds Preschool Outreach

Work with the Pastor and the Sowing Seeds Preschool director to plan and prepare activities to engage the families of the preschoolers and the community around our church with the message of God’s love and the outreach ministry of the church.

Publicize events of church and school.
Assist with recruitment and training of volunteers.
Work with preschool committee and/or director on a Bible component in the curriculum.
Help with any extra-curricular activities of the preschool
Develop an evaluation of our outreach activities involving children.
Coordinate follow-up of un-churched children and their families.


Follow up, as appropriate, with worship visitors, especially families with children.
To participate in, as appropriate, the initiatives of the Outreach Committee.
Assist the VBS director in the recruitment of volunteers for VBS
Train and supervise youth who serve with VBS




$13-20/hour, depending on factors such as training and experience.



January 15, 2020


Please submit application (resume and supporting documents) to:


Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church

7086 124 Street

Surrey, BC  V3W 3W8