Nuer (South Sudanese) Outreach

Ladies Home Bible Classes

    Wednesday's at 9:30 am; Call for location.

Seniors Bible Class

    Wednesday's from 10-11am

Young Adult Home Fellowship

 Tuesday evenings; call for location & dates

Care-Home Services

  Hilton Villa - First and Third Sunday's at 6:30pm

  Royale Peninsula - Fourth Sunday's at 3:30pm

  • English Worship                       11:00 am
  • Hispanic Worship                    10:00 am
  • Chinese Worship                     10:00 am
  • Korean Worship                       12:30 pm
  • Nuer                                              TBA  
  • Indo - Cdn Satsung         phone for info

"We are here, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to share with everyone the love and forgiveness of God through Jesus Christ, His Son, our Lord"



Sunday School Teachers -  March 6 @ 7:15pm

​Spring Cleaning - March 17 @ 9:00am

Ministry Leadership Team  - March 20  @ 7:00pm

Trustees - April 14 @ 9:00am​

Elders - April 9 @ 4:00pm


After school Gym and Games - March 16 @ 4:00pm

Lent Worship Service - March 21 @ 7:00pm

Maundy Thursday Service - March 29 @ 6:00pm

Good Friday Service - March 30 @ 10:00am

Easter Sunday Service - April 1 @11:00am,

After school Gym and Games - April 6 & 20 @ 4:00pm



 Sunday Education Hour

  Children's Sunday School   10:00 am

  Youth Bible Study    10:00 am

  Adult Bible Study     10:00 am

  ESL Bible Study        10:00 am

Confirmation Classes


Prayer Meeting

   Wednesday's at 7:00 pm

We are an intercultural congregation of "Fellowships" that worship in their own languages, For special occasions we join together for worship at 11:00 am and with a potluck to follow. Next: Dec 17, 2017..

Faith Lutheran Church
7086 124th Street, Surrey B.C. V3W 3W8
604-594-4033       office@faithlutheran.,ca

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as disciples of Jesus at Faith, we shall vigorously strive to establish a flourishing, long-term intercultural ministry of inspiring worship and vibrant, caring relationships: We will intentionally explore and encourage creative and new initiatives for effectively attracting newcomers, building up the body of Christ and reaching out with Christ’s love in our community.